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Junk Drawer of Crack

we make our own fun here

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Created on 2009-05-03 18:16:36 (#250321), last updated 2016-12-04 (45 weeks ago)

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Name:Junk Drawer of Crack
Location:Blanket Fort Central, United States of America
Website:wtf_hollow on Livejournal
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Communal Blanketfort Crack
The Junk Drawer will soon be taking applications for an Otaku Sugar Daddy. Details on the position to be posted in the near future.

Several openings are also available for minions. Applicants should be bendy.

Interests (94):

"bendy", /b/ scares me, ^_^, arai and catroy's very special christmas special, badbird, being king, bhutan, big gay torch, bishounen, blanket forts, boyband, bringing the crazy, bringing the woobie, buchou's discipline, candy, cat!roy, catboys in hotpants, christmas murder mysteries, clothespins, crack, crack fritos, crazy ed, cross-fandom spin-the-bottle, ed's pants, ed/mori bromance, eggnog, eiji's pretty hair, falling in love with foxes, fox country, foxcakes!, foxes, fuji's counters, gross national hawt, haikubabble, holiday crackfic, hotcakes!, hoyay, hunny is a sex-machine, improbable scenarios, improvised writing games, jam, jesus saves..., junk drawer, kaidou has hot legs, kaidou vs chuck norris, kaoru is a slut, kaoru loves eiji, kryptonite, kyouya likes inui, lickable collarbones, lickable freckles, little bird, lost weekends, mada mada da ne, mescal springs, minions, mmmm smut, moody in blue jeans, mori and the well spirit, mori's henchman suit, mystery boy, newsboy arai, nilla wafers n rootbeer, not thinking, not writing, onuma, otaku coffeebar/hostclub, our kingdom, pie, porny christmas, prom-fic, ridiculous self-insertion fic, roy as whipping boy, roy's hotass, secrets, serial-killer fuji, sex on a goban, sexypants mustang, sheer lunacy, smashing plasma screens, super lucky! and foxboy, text frenzies, tezuka's hair, the adventures of arai and catroy, the hottie buddha, the village bicycle, tub turkey, universe mashups, vans, waterworld, woobie arai, writers bootcamp, yakuza au, yakuza ed is batshit
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